A Trusted Partner With Over 25 Years of Law Enforcement Experience

Simon Event Group, NV PILB Lic. #2018, understands the need to provide fully comprehensive security solutions, which is why we are requested to either enhance current security measures or develop the entire Event Safety Plan and hire the required number of staff to ensure all angles are covered. Our extensive law enforcement background is passed onto your event for the best possible security solutions.

SEG offers different tiers of deployment to maximize safety to include:

• Security staff for crowd control, traffic control, metal detectors, wanding, and bag checks

• Security Response & Observation Teams

• Ticket Takers, Ushers, Directional Staff

• Celebrity Escort

• Vault and Asset Protection

• Parking Solutions

• 24/7 Security

• HOA, Apartment and Commercial Security solutions

Quick Response Team

The EST Quick Reaction Team is trained on the concepts of MACTAC (Multi Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities), which are the team tactics used by Nevada Law Enforcement First Responders.

The QRT can also handle additional “non-emergency” event security response like security breaches, money escort, celebrity escort, and more.

SPG’s Armed QRT trains an average of 12 hours per month in Use of Force, Active Shooter/Assailant response, team movements, handgun and long gun marksmanship, physical conditioning and strength training.

Our teams are trained to neutralize the immediate threat or hold and contain a violent suspect until law enforcement officials arrive and assume control of the incident.

Event Safety Team (EST)

Striving to prevent guest issues before they become a problem, so our clients can focus on the rest of the event. EST also has former law enforcement and military operators who make up our Quick Reaction Team (QRT) and additional personnel who make up the Observation Team. Both teams share the responsibility of controlling access points, patron identification and unique deployments, based upon the location of the event.

Observation Team

Dressed in either uniform or plain clothes, with the goal of incident/crime prevention, our OTs are hired as another layer of security. When hired to work the same event as our QRT teams, the OT provides critical information to the QRT, i.e. suspicious subjects, counter-surveillance, and unattended packages, etc. The QRT, in turn, responds to the incident or suspicious subject.

Specialized Training

QRT operators are trained in Close Quarters Combat (CQC), and personnel extraction and rescue. QRT operators are dressed in special security uniforms and have immediate access to ballistic gear in the event of a terrorist attack. The team has body armor, ballistic helmets and a ballistic shield.

If you need to protect your assets and guest, call a friendly member of our team at 702-902-2346 or send us email.

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