Private Security

Private and Corporate Security

Simon Protection provides its clients with professionalism, reliability, and peace of mind.

Since 2015, SEG’s protection division “Simon Protection” has been one of the leading private security firms in Las Vegas. Founded by a retired LVMPD Police Sergeant, to provide security guards for corporations, high net-worth individuals and families, HOA’s and other businesses. Simon Protection has built a reputation as the go-to provider for security guard services.

Armed & Unarmed Security Guard Services

Whether a large event is taking place or a company needs to protect and secure its facility, Las Vegas security guards are necessary. Security cameras installations and placements are fine for monitoring the grounds and for liability purposes, but the equipment doesn’t provide the necessary security that security guards are able to provide. These individuals are trained to maintain ordinance in the area, so whether a product launch is taking place or important goods are produced behind closed doors in a warehouse, the help and assistance of Simon’s trained security staff is a valuable addition to any company team. Certain jobs call for armed security service, while others situations are better handled with unarmed security services. At Simon, we can help you decide which type of security service best suits your needs.

The Simon Difference

Beginning in 2019, the SIMON Group upgraded its hiring practices for its private security professionals. Due to the danger and low “billable” hourly rate, we no longer staff “at-risk” apartments or business complexes. SIMON strives to work with companies who desire a step-up in private security. Most of the private security officers we hire are ex-military, prior law enforcement, or security officers who can meet our rigorous hiring process. SIMON isn’t interested in hiring cheap staff who don’t care about the job and are only in it for the paycheck. We look for the very best staff to ensure clients receive the very best services. Some of these same individuals work special post at the events we staff. No matter the event or the situation, the experienced staff from Simon Protection is there to provide all the necessary security, so you can rest assured and know your event and facility are in safe and secure hands.