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Festivals & Special Events

Staffing for festivals & special events

There’s a lot of work that goes into hosting a special event or festival. Many organizations believe that using volunteers are the solution for the immense amount of work involved on event day. But, that can sometimes backfire with volunteers not showing up for work, or showing up late, and then sometimes not having that “give a care” factor that you demand.

SEG can assist event organizers easily and affordably. We will work with you and your logistics team from setup to cleanup. You can pick from a variety of staffing solutions we offer to help your event go smoother than you ever imagined.

Simon Event Staffing can staff valet parking, manage your traffic flow and parking, provide security, ticket takers, ushers, ambassadors, setup and tear down crew, maintenance, and cleanup crews to help your guest have the most enjoyable and memorable experience.

As an experienced, licensed staffing agency, and a licensed security firm, we can provide your event with the staff you need, by taking the pressure off of you.

Save Time and Money

In addition to payroll costs, we cover general liability, worker’s compensation, unemployment claims, and payroll taxes. We work to save you money, and while doing so, you can spend more time concentrating on serving your guest, while we handle the staffing and employment issues.


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