Bar Reporting

We’re Transparent.

Known for our integrity, the SIMON Group holds nothing back and our clients trust that we will always maintain our “above board” philosophy. Our POS system is accessible at all times with detailed reporting of overall sales, sales per bartender/location, item sales, and various graphs and charts.

Our events that have multiple cash bar bar or multiple bartenders are closely monitored “in real-time” by our accounting and money team, analyzing inventory levels and sales. We offer this service to our concession partners and allow for our clients to assign their own team members to work with our staff to ensure accurate results.

This type of real-time monitoring allows us to move bartenders to busier bars, slow down the opening of new cases, and many other decisions that will increase profitability.

The most important aspect of these reports is the ability to see what sold best for a particular event, allowing better and more precise ordering, less waste, and more sales where they count.

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